Driver App – Bids

** Please Note this feature arrives in the next update due in February **

If you do not have a job, you can select one from Bids Screen if there is one available. On Bids Screen you can see all jobs on stand-by.

Tap the ‘Bids’ option in the side menu or press the fire icon in the bottom right-hand corner to see a list of available jobs.

Figure. The ‘Bids’ option

On Bids Screen (Figure below) a distance to the pickup (1), time to the job date (2), a journey distance (3) and a price (4) for each job are displayed. Only street name of the pickup and dropoff addresses may be shown, whereas the full address details will be displayed after job allocation.

Note that time to the job date in minutes is displayed only for prebooks, whereas for ASAP jobs it is always displayed as ‘ASAP’.

Bids are ordered by distance to the pickup and job date: bids with the closest distance to the pickup are displayed at the top of the list.

Tap the job you want to do and press ‘Bid’. Please note that if you do not bid for the job quickly enough, it may be taken by another driver.

Figure. Bids Screen

When the bid allocation is confirmed by the system, your status changes to ‘On Way’ and you need to do the job as usual (the standard workflow is described in Driving to a pickup).

Figure. On Way Job Details Screen after bid allocation