Driver App – Job Offer

A job offer is a booking proposal sent to one or several drivers who potentially can accept the offer and whose current location is near the job pickup point.

Pay attention that a job offer is optional. As a matter of fact, it is not an allocated job which should be accepted. You can accept or easily decline it without consequences.

When you receive a job offer, you will see the following Job Offer Details Screen presented below.

Note that there is a countdown timer indicating the time left to accept a job. If you want to do it, press and hold ‘Ready for’. The driver who will be the first to send his request for the job offer by pressing ‘Ready for’, will be allocated to it.

Figure. Job Offer Details Screen

Wait for confirmation that the job offer has been allocated to you.

Figure. Waiting for job offer confirmation

If it is confirmed, you will see the following Job Details Screen and your status will automatically change to ‘On Way’ (Figure below). Proceed with executing the job as a standard workflow described in┬áDriving to a pickup.

Figure. On Way Job Details Screen after job offer confirmation