Driver App – Multiple Jobs

If you have more than one job, you can switch between them. To see the list of your current jobs tap the icon in the bottom right corner.

Figure. The multiple jobs icon on Map Screen

In the ‘Choose a job’ dialog window (Figure below) select the required job. Note that jobs are sorted by job date: a job with the earliest job date will be at the top of the list.

The green clock icon is used for a prebook, while the red icon – for an ASAP job.

Figure. The ‘Choose a job’ dialog window

Note that if you have two (or more) simultaneous jobs one of which is almost finished, only the ‘Finish job’ option (Figure below) can be selected as the last step.

Thus, the ‘Finish & Go Offline’, ‘Finish & Going Home’ and ‘Finish & Go on Break’ buttons are not available as there is still another active job to be executed.

Figure. Finishing one of several jobs

Please note that, depending on the settings, details of the second job may be displayed only after finishing the current one.

When a second job is received, a dialog window is displayed asking you to accept or reject a new job. A countdown timer may be displayed (if applicable) which shows how soon this job will be considered accepted automatically.

Figure. The dialog window displayed in case the next job is received

After accepting the second job you will see details only after finishing the first job. If you tap the ‘Multiple jobs’ icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, a notification will be displayed stating that you need to finish the current job first.

Figure. The notification displayed in case the current job is not finished yet